Unexpected Health Problems Your Dentist Might Help With

Albuquerque Dental Patient in Chair Smiling

Not every dental problem is as obvious as a sore tooth or bleeding gums. Sometimes, the problem looks like something for a general doctor to handle at first. Even worse, your primary doctor may not catch on that the problem originated from your mouth! Here are a few problems which can have dental origins and dental solutions, and how your Albuquerque dental experts at LoPour can help!


It may surprise you, but sometimes pain doesn’t originate from an obvious source. Due to the concept of referred pain, a hurting tooth or jaw may be felt as a hurting head or neck. You can also experience painful head, jaw, or neck aches that aren’t referred pain due to various pressures, misalignment, and other stressors originating from your mouth. A dentist can help identify these issues and the root cause, such as nightly teeth grinding.

Sleep Apnea

Ever awake suddenly in the middle of the night because you couldn’t breathe? Has a doctor ever told you that your problems with insomnia, fatigue, or other ailments may stem from sleep apnea? You may need the assistance of a dentist! Certain forms of sleep apnea are best treated with oral appliance therapy, like a mouth guard you wear in your sleep, or certain dental surgeries.

Mouth Sores

Not all mouth sores originate from the more frequently blamed culprit, herpes. Some result due to dental problems and is best treated with solutions from a dentist. For example, a tooth rubbing against your cheek the wrong way can cause small abrasions that may become infected or agitated, resulting in recurrent sores. Allergies to certain kinds of toothpaste have also been implicated, and of course, gum disease and other diseases of the mouth can directly cause mouth sores. Don’t assume you know the source of your mouth sores without being sure – ask your dentist!

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is both a problem in its own right and a potential symptom of more serious issues. If you’re experiencing frequent dry mouth, you should make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible regardless of why it’s happening. Not only can dental problems cause dry mouth, dry mouth increases your rate of developing cavities and other dental problems!

If you’d like to learn more about these problems or schedule an appointment, contact LoPour & Associates DDS for family and cosmetic dentistry in Albuquerque!