Unexpected Health Problems Your Dentist Might Help With

Albuquerque Dental Patient in Chair Smiling

Not every dental problem is as obvious as a sore tooth or bleeding gums. Sometimes, the problem looks like something for a general doctor to handle at first. Even worse, your primary doctor may not catch on that the problem originated from your mouth! Here are a few problems which can have dental origins and dental solutions, and how your … Read More

Why Your Dentist Still Wants You to Floss Consistently

Toothpaste and Floss on Counter

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re used to your dentist telling you that you need to floss more often. And like many people, you may have taken certain headlines and news articles in the past few years about the efficacy of flossing as ‘proof’ that you don’t need to worry about it so much. But the truth of … Read More

When to Seek Help from an Albuquerque Emergency Dentist

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Many types of dental problems can be painful, embarrassing, or downright annoying, but not all of them are considered emergencies. Do you know what type of injury to your tooth or gum requires emergency dental care? Avoid making unnecessary emergency trips to your Albuquerque dentist and prevent tooth loss by following these tips. Oral Injuries and Immediate Treatment Cracked or … Read More

A Guide to Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome and How It’s Treated

Elderly Albuquerque Man Suffering from TMJ

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, alternatively known as Temporomandibular disorder, or TMD, is an issue which up to 30% of adults can expect to experience during their lifetime.With almost one-third of the world’s population likely to suffer, TMJ should be a household name, right? Unfortunately, many suffer through the pain, experiencing symptoms for months before turning to a specialist for help. … Read More