Why Your Dentist Still Wants You to Floss Consistently

Toothpaste and Floss on Counter

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re used to your dentist telling you that you need to floss more often. And like many people, you may have taken certain headlines and news articles in the past few years about the efficacy of flossing as ‘proof’ that you don’t need to worry about it so much. But the truth of the matter is that flossing matters!

Keep in mind that these articles might not necessarily reflect the truth. What studies REALLY revealed was the poor quality of research around brushing and flossing, and that we need to focus more on oral health care and get solid science behind the matter.

Some took the elimination of flossing advice from certain US guidelines as approval of the ‘no floss’ lifestyle, but everybody that focuses on oral health care, such as the CDC and Surgeon General’s office, still recommend daily flossing to break up plaque.

So now you may be wondering: why? If the research on benefits of flossing is weak, why is your dentist so insistent about doing it daily? The answer is because we do know what plaque does to your oral health. And we do know that flossing disrupts the formation of plaque. By flossing frequently, you remove food debris and other components that result in plaque forming between your teeth and along your gums, something regular brushing can’t achieve.

That’s why your dentist still cares about flossing, and why you ought to as well. There’s plenty of reason to believe flossing is beneficial, so keep flossing! Clear out that debris and plaque, work your gum line, and enjoy the cleanliness feeling it leaves you with. Not only will your oral health be better for it, but your overall health will thank you too!

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